The Inn at Rainbow Hills

Located at Rainbow Hills Winery, this beautiful bed and breakfast boasts privacy in the hills where nature abounds. Enjoy a true getaway from the fast-paced world when you stay at the Inn at Rainbow Hills. Many people have shared that they especially appreciate being able to come into the Inn, put their car keys on the dresser, walk to the winery, gaze at the stars, experience true quiet, play with Chase the winery dog, and breath in the true sense of nature.

There are four private rooms available each with their own bathrooms.. Prices starting at $165 to $175 per night.
Includes a full elegant breakfast which features gourmet French toast, sausages, and scrambled eggs with spinach, cream cheese & bacon.
The beautiful Inn is decorated with a wide selection of collected art and sculpture and offers air conditioning, fireplace, a variety of common conversation areas and private nooks inside; and endless natural space to explore outdoors where you can experience wildlife such as birds, tree frogs, wild turkeys, deer, and fox.

The Rainbow Hills Vineyards Winery is Coshocton's oldest winery. Enjoy tranquil wine estates with a gorgeous fountain, babbling brook and dozens of acres of meadows and grape vines for visitors to explore.