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Sleeping in the Vines


Although many people know about our wonderful selection of wines, few of them know about our beautiful Inn here amongst the grapes.

The Inn features an original 1831 log cabin in its core that has been lifted and turned into the cornerstone for the entire structure. Guests are greeted by Chase, the winery dog wagging his tail and happy to see everyone!

While at the in Inn guests can enjoy the short walk across the trail or the decks that sit against the wooded hillside to get to the winery where they can taste any one of our 12 varieties of wine and two champagnes.

Nestled in the valley among the many grape vineyards it is a truly picturesc setting with birds chirping while the fountain in the pond sparkles in the sunlight.

You will not find a more relaxing setting! For more information about the Inn please click here

Art Lovers Welcome


One thing you will learn during your visit to Rainbow Hills Winery, is that Joy is an artist as well as an art lover! She has gathered art from all around the world and put it on display in both the winery and the Inn.

Another thing that will surely catch you eye is the beautiful stained glass artwork throughout the Inn and Winery that is made by Joy herself. The art creates a perfect atmosphere with the wine and mother natures own artwork all around you. Your stay is sure to be a wonderful adventure for your eyes!

Named "Standout In Ohio Tourism"


Coshocton, Ohio - September 30, 2015 - Rainbow Hills Winery has been named a Standout in Ohio Tourism in the October edition of OhioTraveler.com.

"So many things standout at this winery. It is everything a winery should be", said Frank Satullo, the Ohio Traveler.

It takes you on a journey into a woodland paradise and down a winding non-paved road into a rolling meadow on one side and grape vines on the other. The winery dog gives a friendly hello. The setting is tranquil, with panoramic views a plenty. Inside, it is rustic with private nooks, warm wood and lovely rough-stone walls and fireplace. Subtle touches make you feel like you aren’t going anywhere for a while. Back outside is a soothing fountain in a pool-like pond with plenty of sheltered seating cascading down the hillside. From star gazing to sun splashed days, it is a true getaway surrounded by wildlife and complete with meals and inn. Oh, and the wines have won international awards. Their name says it all.

The OhioTraveler has the expertise to know standouts in tourism. He's traveled nearly everywhere in the state, professionally, for more than a decade. He's authored an Ohio travel book that was stocked 10-20 at a time on the shelves of major book stores. He's produced more than 200 travel videos, winning several statewide awards. He runs one of the most visited Ohio tourism websites. He hosted a video travel series. And he's regularly a guest on radio and television shows across the state and nation.